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Merrell Johnson


    Born a military brat to parents that hail from Washington D.C., Merrell Johnson is the Development and Marketing Officer for MIRCI – Mental Illness Recovery Center Inc., a full service non-profit behavioral healthcare clinic established in 1960 to provide lifelong assistance to individuals recovering from mental illness and who are or at risk of homelessness.

    Merrell works to raise awareness about mental health, and to secure financial donations to support programs, such as permanent housing, payee services, Benefits Assistance, Psychiatric treatment, and Youth Services.

    Merrell is recognized as the 2018 National Association of Social Worker as the Public Citizen of the Year, The State’s Top 20 under 40, Columbia Business Monthly Best and Brightest 35 and under, and the SC Black Pages Top 20 under 40.

    Merrell received his BA in Mass Communication and Journalism with a major in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina, and his MBA with a specialization in marketing from Louisiana State University – Shreveport.

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