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Brenly McCulloch

Communications Chair

Brenly McCulloch is a marketing professional with over seven years of strategic planning, content creation, and marketing campaign management experience in multiple industries, and over three years of experience in the automotive industry specifically. He received his Master’s degree in Management with a Leadership concentration from Troy University and my Bachelor’s degree in Economics with an Integrated Information Technology minor from the University of South Carolina.

He currently works from home as the Demand Generation Marketing Manager for an automotive SaaS company based out of Minneapolis, MN, and also operates a small business marketing operations consultancy, called Audaxity.

He previously served as the Marketing Director for Dick Dyer & Associates, a car dealership in Columbia, SC, and directed the development and implementation of all marketing and advertising campaigns for both their Mercedes-Benz and Volvo dealerships. He leveraged his expertise in content creation, photo & video production, and digital marketing to drive forward brand resonance in target markets. He is recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for implementing thoughtful advertising and marketing campaigns with strategic analytics, as well as creating impactful content for digital platforms.

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