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We’ve changed our name! And our look!

Yep. If you can’t tell, we got a facelift.


American Advertising Federation (AAF) Midlands is so excited to finally announce our new brand, and name for the start of 2021. Previously known as American Advertising Federation of the Midlands, the board voted to drop the “of the” from the name for a more unified and succinct look – AAF Midlands.  

AAF Midlands logo with dark blue, turquoise and gold colorsAlong with a new name comes a new brand. The refreshed logo shows a more modern font as well as a new color palate that was carefully selected by the board. Through rounds of revisions and votes, the board ultimately decided on a dark and light blue and a gold. The two shades of blue are to reflect the two rivers that run through the Midlands and the gold represents the coveted ADDY Award.


“The AAF Midlands rebrand is not just a refreshed message or look, but honestly the board’s commitment to excellence in a year of tribulation,” said Jeff Lawler, AAF Midlands Board Chair. “Our team was carefully selected considering all levels of diversity and inclusion. From culture to industry, to age and gender, our board is a true testament to working together to make our organization stronger for years to come. We wanted the organization’s brand to reflect that as well.”

2020 challenged a lot of us to do a lot of reflecting. What was the most important to us? What do we want to represent? And how do we want to make a difference in our community?

Those are the questions that were considered at the beginning of the year, when the board decided to take not only one, but two, public service clients to provide pro-bono work to and when they decided to rebrand. One of our big goals this year is to be more intentional in creating an inclusive community. One way we have started doing this was back in October, we held an Inclusion in Advertising panel with local creatives to discuss their experience with inclusion in advertising.

And if you can’t tell…the last thing that got a makeover was the AAF Midlands website. The previous site was outdated but most importantly, not ADA compliant. The communication chairs have worked diligently to make sure that the new website serves all members of our digital community, including those with disabilities.

So, take a look around. Let us know what you think!

With a new year, brings new opportunity. And with all the challenges that 2020 has presented, AAF Midlands looks forward to helping create a more inclusive and diverse Midlands.

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